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Hot Louisiana Music



The Bayou Alligators are a band from Germany that plays Zydeco and Roots-Music as well as Rythm&Blues and Rock’n’Roll tunes with that special Southern Louisiana feel to it.
The band emerged out of a highly succsessful group named „The Zydeco Alligators“, which toured extensively throughout Germany and Europe for seven years and released two CDs. They won the Blues Award of the International Bluesfestival of Dresden and the European Cajun&Zydeco Award. They shared stages with highly acclaimed artists. They played festivals in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Slovakia, Finland and the Chechz Republic. They played on ships, on the streets, in caves 100 meters below ground and on mountain tops. Their goal was, still is and will always be entertaining listeners and making people dance!

By the way, the word Zydeco comes from "Les Haricots" of the song "Les Haricots Sont Pas Sale" which means, "The Snapbeans aren't salty"...

The band regrouped in 2008, came back out of the „swampy bayous“ and now offers a broader range of styles from Cajun to Nouveau Zydeco and Rock’n’Roll tunes. The change can be heard since the main instrument was switched to the diatonic cajun accordion.

The Bayou Alligators are pleased to present a program, which, just as before, is characterized by enthusiasm, talent, and above all lively and authentic Zydeco music. In their music, which, apart from their original pieces and arrangements. The Alligators don’t try simply to copy existing works. Zydeco, rhythmic music from the French-speaking Creole culture in southwest Louisiana, that’s fun to dance to, is played on accordions and washboards, and has its roots in Blues and Rhythm & Blues music. The
musicians, all accomplished musicians of German Blues scene place more value upon putting their own ideas
into practice, as well as fun, which is what this music
is all about.



Mix Sound Album Eleven Roads 2022Bayou Alligators
00:00 / 03:42


Eggi Gator

Vocals, Accordion, Guitar, Organ, Harp

Michael Jäkel

Guitar, Vocals

Derk Habers


Hardy Castle

Drums, Vocals

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