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In February 2009 an idea emerged out of the blue. Tired of the standard procedure of recording just another album, we thought it was time to do something special. Over the course of 8 years touring Germany and the rest of Europe, by the way getting to know hundreds of cool musicians and non-musicians, we thought to bring as many people together as possible to make a dream come true: a multinational recording  with people from all over the place, who are into this music as much as we are. With a lot of effort, planning and hundreds of miles on real and virtual highways, we brought together 18 musicians from Germany, the Netherlands, the Chech Republic, Austria and the United States to record some fine tunes. Ranging from rocking Blues to Funk, Zydeco, Cajun, plain Rock‘n‘Roll to Gospel and Jazz.

We hope you will enjoy the record as much as we did enjoy the time making it. Big thanks to everybody who contributed, from players to cover designers, family and friends!

Many people asked, why we did it this rather unusual way - We just said: WHY NOT!

Frank & Steffen, October 2009


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